LED Lighting

LED Lighting Installations Brisbane North and Sunshine Coast

LED lighting installations by Breno’s Electrical is the perfect solution if you want to install new lighting or upgrade the existing lighting in your home, illuminate your swimming pool or show off a favourite cabinet.
LED lights are the modern alternative to the old fashioned incandescent light bulbs. They are used extensively in both residential and business environments such as automobiles, commercial, industrial, hospitals, electronics, residential security, and public places. LED is here to stay and has endless possibilities.

Why install LED lights

  • LEDs save money and use less energy. One of the most important reasons to consider when choosing LED’s is they consume up to 85% less energy. This is a real plus for the environment and residential and business consumers because when you use less power you save money.
  • LEDs use low voltage (12-24) volts and are a better alternative to traditional lighting as the risk of fire is lower not to mention they are safer to use. There is no UV when using LEDs and they only give out a small amount of heat so are better in factories where too much heat generated from standard lighting could be a problem.
  • LEDs, as mentioned before, are better for the environment because they can be disposed of easily.
  • LEDs last longer. The life span of an LED light is generally 10 years. They only need to be replaced because their light output fades and the light becomes dim.
  • LEDs do not have any filament or glass so do not break. As LEDs are suitable for wet conditions they are ideal for patios and under the eaves of your home and in certain instances even underwater.
  • LEDs aren’t as big as traditional light bulbs. Being a lot smaller allows LEDs to be used in creative ways such as in a kitchen where they can provide better lighting over a cooktop bench.

Breno’s Electrical are experts in LED light installations and our qualified electricians can help you take advantage of the benefits of LED lighting.

Why choose Breno’s Electrical as your LED light installater in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast?

  • Our licensed electrical tradesmen have more than 10-years’ experience.
  • We work in a neat and tidy manner, plus always clean up after ourselves.
  • We take pride in our workmanship.
  • We provide discounted prices when more than power points are fitted.
  • Our quotes are honest and competitively priced.
  • No hidden fees or charges.

Our dedicated Brisbane Electricians and Sunshine Coast team can also install:

  • New single and double power point installations and replacements.
  • Quad power point installations.
  • Switchboard upgrades.
  • Weather proof outdoor power point installations.
  • Outdoor lighting.
  • 15Amp power point installs.
  • Security lighting.
  • 3-Phase power point installation.

All electrical services performed by Breno’s Electrical is performed by experienced licensed electricians, so you can rest assured that all work fully compliant with Australian standards and building codes.

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