Dimmers and Light Switch Installation

Light Switch Replacement and Installation Brisbane Northside or Sunshine Coast

At Breno’s Electrical, our vehicles are equipped with a wide variety of switches and light dimmers to suit your home or workplace. We only use high-quality products from Clipsal HPM, Schneider, and Voltex. If your switch is starting to arch or stick, then call us and we will promptly send out one of our Brisbane electricians or Sunshine Coast electrical experts to replace or upgrade your light switches, ensuring that your electrical circuit is safe again.

Proper installation and use of а light dimmer switch can save a significant amount of power while adding a nicer ambiance to a room. Even in situations where the conversion of your lighting circuit to use LED bulbs is not possible, the effective use of a light dimmer switch can lead to hundreds of dollars in power costs over a year.

Light dimming switches also aid in extending the longevity of your light bulbs. Have you ever experienced light bulbs immediately burning out when you toggle the switch? This is generally caused by a sudden surge of electrical current entering the bulb. Dimmers enable the voltage to be slowly ramp-up which reduces the stress on the bulb.

When selecting the lighting to use in your home, versatility is often a very attractive element. At times you may have a need for high light levels, while at other times lower light levels are more desirable. Installing light dimmer switches to control light fixtures is а great way to apply versatility and flexibility. Light fixtures come in a variety of different colours and styles which can enhance the look and feel of your room. Rotary dial light dimmers are the most common and simplest type of dimmer, which changes light levels by turning the dial. Slide dimmers can have a more modern look and work by sliding up or down to change the light level.

More stylish dimmers are available to appeal to varying tastes at slightly more in cost. Touch light dimmers have no moving parts and respond to the touch of your finger. Some high-end light dimmer switches operate via infra-red remote control, so lighting levels can be adjusted from the comfort of your bed or lounge. These are popular for home theatre rooms.

At Breno’s Electrical, we ensure that all your needs are met, no matter which dimmer or light switch installation you choose. Whether already have a light dimmer switch and just want it installed, or if you are in the process of selecting a lighting plan for your house, our electrical experts are here to assist you.

24/7 Emergency Electricians

If you find that your light switch is faulty, our 24/7 emergency electrical service in Brisbane north and Sunshine coast regions is best for you. Our team of licensed electricians can assist you with replacement light switch installations or upgrade light dimmers for residential or commercial premises.

Why choose Breno’s Electrical as your light switch installer in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast?

  • You can contact us anytime as we offer 24/7 emergency electrical services.
  • Our licensed electrical tradesmen have more than 10-years’ experience.
  • We work in a neat and tidy manner, plus always clean up after ourselves.
  • We take pride in our workmanship.
  • We provide discounted prices when more than power points are fitted.
  • Our quotes are honest and competitively priced.
  • No hidden fees or charges.

Our dedicated Brisbane Electricians and Sunshine Coast team can also install:

  • New single and double power point installations and replacements.
  • Quad power point installations.
  • Weather proof outdoor power point installations.
  • 15Amp power point installs.
  • 3-Phase power point installation.

All electrical services performed by Breno’s Electrical is performed by experienced licensed electricians, so you can rest assured that all work fully compliant with Australian standards and building codes.

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