Emergency Electrical Service

Professional after-hours emergency electricians – 7 days a week

Short circuits, blown fuses and power outages саn happen at any time. When you find yourself in one of these unfortunate positions, the team at Breno’s Electrical is here to help you. We are experts at identifying problems and providing а reliable and safe solution. Our team of emergency electricians service all suburbs in Brisbane north and the Sunshine Coast region, providing a quick response to protect you and your family аgаіnѕt all dangerous electrical hazards and will have your power safely restored in no time.

A power outage for most people is quite inconvenient but most people can put up with being in the dark for a few hours. However, a blown circuit, sparking power point, faulty switch or a circuit overload is an emergency. In an emergency, you need the expertise of an emergency electrician to quickly diagnose and repair the issue before it escalates to a dangerous event.

You can rely on the emergency electricians at Breno’s Electrical to provide you with professional and prompt emergency electrical services at any time of the day or night. We clearly understand the acute dangers associated with faulty or substandard electrical systems, so you can rest assured that our workers are highly skilled, swift, agile and responsive.

We pride ourselves on always responding quickly to any electrical emergency that may occur. Also, our vehicle fleet is fully equipped with all the diagnostic and repair equipment required for emergency work. Our electricians are qualified and licensed professionals who are constantly updating their electrical knowledge and skills, meaning that their skills are always current with the latest safety standard and technology developments.

Industrial Emergency Electricians

Industrial businesses are unfortunately prone to power outages. In industrial plants, time is money, meaning that every minute lost due to power failure leads to subsequent profit losses. This is why hiring Breno’s Electrical to perform routine electrical maintenance is particularly important. Our expert industrial electricians can perform monthly inspections on your plant and equipment to reduce the chances of electrical outages and fire-related to electrical faults.

If you do experience production equipment motor burnt out, or there is an electrical fire, the emergency electricians at Breno’s Electrical are always available to help you 24/7 – seven days a week.

Commercial Emergency Electricians

At Breno’s Electrical, we value every one of our customers and understand that electrical problems or power outages can taint the good reputation of your business. Additionally, we are acutely aware that electrical faults could be a source of potential hazards to both your workers and clients and these issues need fixing immediately. Unlike faults in a residential setting, most commercial buildings have complex electrical circuitry and some buildings may have been built a long time ago, using now outdated technology or practices. For these reasons, electrical fault finding in commercial buildings can often be difficult.

Fortunately, our team of 24/7 emergency electricians has the expertise and knowledge to enable them to work with all types of electrical systems. They can diagnose and repair any electrical circuit faults in commercial buildings to get you back up and running in the shortest time possible.

Residential Emergency Electricians

Residential electrical emergencies, unfortunately, can happen day or night. Often people experience issues at the most inconvenient times, like during special events or while the kids are doing their homework. Our experienced team can find electrical faults quickly and have them repaired in no time. You can reply on Breno’s Electrical to resolve all of your electrical issues 7 days a week, day or night.

Call us today, we won’t let you down

If you experience any kind of electrical emergency or fault, please contact our emergency electricians in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast immediately on(07) 5499 4752 and we will be there in a flash.