Chandelier and Feature Lighting

Chandelier and Feature Lighting Installers Brisbane northside and Sunshine Coast

Feature lighting installations are a great way to showcase a special area in your home, such as a fireplace, a glass cabinet or a picture. Another area that can benefit from feature lighting is a staircase or entranceway, and this area is a perfect position for a chandelier or a stylish lighting piece.

When building a new home, feature light installations are usually considered after the general lighting in the room has been decided or can be added as a centrepiece in an established home. This way the piece or location you are wanting to highlight can be displayed beautifully and be the focus of the room.

Feature lighting a room can be done in many ways, for example, a lamp to highlight a sculpture on a low table, spotlight downlights pointing to a family portrait on your wall or used in the kitchen above a benchtop to give targeted light when preparing a meal.

Another part of your home that can benefit from feature lighting installations are the outdoor areas. You may have a feature in your garden that could be enhanced by special lighting or a pergola area where you entertain your friends and mood lighting could add a whole new ambiance.

Perhaps you are looking for your home to have more street appeal for specific hours of the night. Some of our clients also use feature lighting to highlight the pillars at the entrance of their homes or to shine a light on their street number. The list of what can be done with feature lighting is endless and it is a great way to highlight some of the most important parts of your home.

Breno’s Electrical has experienced feature lighting electricians in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast region who are available to help you decide on what type of lights will create your desired effect, including hanging, pendant, and chandeliers. Our expert electricians perform hundreds of lighting installations each year and will provide you with upfront quotes at affordable prices.

All electrical services performed by Breno’s Electrical is performed by experienced licensed electricians, so you can rest assured that all work fully compliant with Australian standards and building codes.

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